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Our primary objective, once we have a collection of images from a photo shoot, is to develop the
images in the digital darkroom with our Photoshop partner, Sara Silver. We use the latest version of
Adobe Photoshop CS, as well as a few choice third-party plug-ins
including Adobe Camera Raw and Noise Ninja.

The "darkroom" is equipped with a quad core Apple Mac Pro plus two 30'' Cinema Displays.
Workflow is color managed and our equipment is calibrated regularly for consistency
of color throughout. Of course, we mustn't forget the coffee, which makes the long hours
go by a little faster.

First we select potential images. We discuss the best way to "develop" each image, discuss the various formats
needed for different uses (web, slideshow, giclée) and then Sara rigorously inspects each image for overall quality.
We all work extremely well together, so she feels comfortable voicing her opinion
and presenting any creative treatments that she may have.
Each image is different, and often a clear shot of wildlife in its natural habitat is just right.
Sometimes we do push the limits of what an image capture can become, which may make it more interesting, and
aethetically pleasing. After all, experimentation is often the key to giving a "nice" photograph the edge it needs
to stand out, to be remembered.

After developing the raw file, noise issues are addressed first. Tonal corrections are made, then color adjustments.
After saving the Master File and various formats a copy can find its way into the "art department".
Any creative treatments, additions or tweaks are done to this sub-master file, which is then saved.

Our fine art printing on canvas and paper is done exclusively at
Skylark Images in Northern California.

We use a variety of other companies to print our images on metal and ceramic tile.

Take a peek at Sara's website

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