Digital Darkroom :: Equipment


We utilize a variety of Canon digital camera bodies and lenses in the field for our nature,
aerial and underwater photography. We always like to have a backup camera body, especially
if we are shooting wildlife and landscapes at the same time. For that reason, we usually
take three camera bodies on any photographic trip.


As for lenses, we take 6-7 lenses on any given excursion, and our favorites are as follows:

Canon 100mm Macro IS
Canon 24-105mm L IS
Canon 100-400mm L IS
Canon 10mm Fisheye
Canon 28-300mm L IS
Canon 500mm L IS

When shooting landscapes our tripod of choice is the Gitzo Mountaineer with the Really
Right Stuff Ball Head. For wildlife we rely on a steady hand and image stabilization technology.


We use the Apple Mac Pro laptop computer and iView Media Pro software to review images
in the field.



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